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51 Thoughts You Have When You Shop On A Student's Budget

No money, mo problems. But hey, being a student isn’t so bad when you have a BMO SPC MasterCard – you can enjoy the benefits of the SPC Card built in.

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1. I can't even afford to be in this store.


3. Whatever, I'm going to stay within my budget.

4. Oh, how I love the scent of new clothes.

5. New, unaffordable clothes...wah.

6. OK, focus, focus.

7. Shoes. I need shoes.

8. Mom was so nice sending me that $30. I love 'er.

9. OK, shoes…where art thou?

10. WAIT. Is that beautiful blue dress I see REAL?!

11. AND is it hanging on the sale rack?

12. That is definitely the sale rack!


14. OMG, I've been needing a blue dress.

15. Well, at least wanting it badly.

16. I feel like a princess just by LOOKING AT IT.

17. I will be a princess in this.

18. Now if I could only transform a pumpkin into a new car, HA!

19. And own a pair of crystal shoes...

20. Oh I'm here to get shoes.

21. But wait, how much is this little dress?

22. $65?!?!

23. But it's on sale...!

24. Can I survive on ramen this week?

25. For this dress, I sure want to try...

26. OK, I'mma try it on. If it looks good, I'll think about buying it.

27. Oh, who am I kidding? If it fits me like a glove, I'm getting it!

28. I feel, like, butterflies in my heart!!! And, um, like, sadness in my wallet...

29. Do I tell my mom I need money for some books if I get it?

30. This is bad. I can already envision my Instagram picture wearing it.

31. 200 likes.

32. Hahahaha. OK, 20.

33. As long as Jacob likes it…

34. Whatever. Forget him.

35. OK, self-control, S-E-L-F-C-O-N-T-R-O-L.

36. "Do not grab anything else from that sale rack."

37. Oh, there are the shoes.

38. Goodness gracious, they're all precious!!! *points to each one* My precious, my precious, my precious.

39. My prec— MY GOD! They're expensive!

40. But these heels...! They are perfect for this dress!

41. But...they're…HOW MUCH?! $70?! WTH?!

42. Should I text Charlotte to see if she likes them?

43. No. She'll tell me to get them.

44. She's dangerous.

45. I'll just...make do with the shoes I have...for now.

46. Now come here you little blue perfect dress! You and I are going to the fitting room.


48. I'm totally going to rock this thing at Saturday's party.

49. But in the meantime, all I'll be Snapchatting is ramen noodles...

50. ...'cause now I'm broke.

51. But at least I'm going to look awesome this weekend.