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The Most Embarrassing Things About The 1960's Batman Television Series

With the recent release of 'Batman 66', the new comic book series inspired by the show, let's put nostalgia aside for a minute and remember why it sucked in the first place.

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The best part of 1966's 'Batman' is the animated opening. I would have loved to watch a Batman cartoon instead of the human cartoon they broadcasted. That's not to say there wasn't anything good about the campy 1966 program. It all starts with that car, the Batmobile. The Chuck Barris custom creation is still as badass and iconic today as ever. The wonderful cast of actors did the best job with what they had to work with (which wasn't much). The Catwomen were especially fun to watch and diverse. Yet, there are certain things I just can't overlook and still find embarrassing in the history of the Dark Knight Detective.

Drawn Eyebrows on Batman's Cowl

Now I'm accustomed to women using a pencil to enhance their eyebrows, some with sharpies back in the old neighborhood, but why on earth would Batman need to draw them on himself? To look more ferocious, intimidating? It's not dependent on his light-blue scowly brow. It just looks silly and clownish.

Granted, Christian Bale had similar bomb disposal problems in 'The Dark Knight Rises' but here we have Adam West running around with a Looney Tunes Acme Corp. version of one over his head. You would think one of the most well equipped men since James Bond and Inspector Gadget would find a more logical way of diffusing the situation.

Holy Annoying Running Gag, Batman!

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Here a 'Holy', there a 'Holy', everywhere a 'Holy'. Robin's declarative catchphrase for expressing surprise always started with the word 'Holy'. The video shows about two minutes worth of those 'gems'. It became a cheap gimmick after episode one.

Before Sharknado There Was This Nonsense

Speaking of buffoonery...eleven years before the phrase 'jumping the shark' was born on 'Happy Days' it could describe this scene where Batman fights off a shark. Thank goodness for Bat-shark repellent. Gag.

Inexplicably Climbing the Sides of Buildings

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Again, the most well equipped man in Gotham has to resort to slowly climbing the sides of buildings with Robin using his trusty Bat-rope and engaging in cringe-worthy dialogue. I suppose the use of his Bat-copter, Bat-jetpack, Bat-jet or a simple elevator was out of the question. Although, it did conveniently provide the chance for celebrity cameos.

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