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The 10 Things I Learned From Watching 'Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox'

In an alternate universe what happens when heroes stop being polite and start getting real?

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8. Cyborg Has Evolved Into a Major Character


Refreshing to see a character emerge and earn his way up the ranks to Justice League status providing a valuable service to the team. No longer a part of the Teen Titans, Cyborg has proven to be a great asset to guys like Batman. Here Cyborg is portrayed as a government shill and overall a trusting boy scout. A role usually reserved for Superman. DC has a hot property here and I could see James Cameron bringing him to life on the big screen. If DC/WC had any sense that is.


Regardless the situation when speaking of the always gutsy and headstrong Daily Planet reporter, Lois Lane, you shall address her as 'Pulitzer Prize-winning' Lois Lane. Even when Steve Trevor is in mortal danger he shows her the proper respect.

6. If Superman was Stashed Away by the Government Instead of Raised by the Kents


If you ever wondered what would happen to Superman if he was secretly contained by the government under red solar power and realize he would look like a young Jeff Goldblum.

Zoom was hellbent on making Barry Allen's life miserable. Usually, under the guise of making him better, Zoom was willing to blow himself up along with the Flash. His unrelenting manipulations put everything at stake for Flash and the alternate universe altogether.

2. Do Not Underestimate Aquaman.


The King of Atlantis has heard enough of your fish jokes. He'll take over the world and land dwellers will suffer. Not the brightly colored Aquaman who rode a giant seahorse on 'Super Friends' found here.

1. The Flash is Still Better Served on the Big Screen than on TV


A scene like this for example would look even better in IMAX with live-action. DC animated movies are amazing and show what can be done visually and how comic book material can be adapted not just well but extraordinarily well.

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