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7 Actors To Consider For The Next Batman

With the sequel to Man of Steel in the works which one of these dark brooding thespians would you like to see?

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1. Jake Gyllenhaal

Jake Gyllenhaal has long been mentioned to become the next big screen superhero but has yet to been cast. Rumored to be a favorite of screenwriter David S. Goyer, who is co-writing the MoS2 script, perhaps he'll get his chance.

2. Joe Manganiello

Joe Manganiello is famous for his role on HBO'S 'True Blood' and those glorious abs. He's had a taste of the superhero movies in a tiny role in Sam Raimi's 'Spider Man' but has publicly stated he would love to play Batman given the opportunity. He certainly has the body for it.

3. Matt Bomer

Another actor whose name gets thrown around come casting time is Matt Bomer. Rumored to have been in the running for Superman previously has only managed to voice him in the animated "Superman: Unbound" DC Universe DVD. Perhaps he'll play his nemesis as the Dark Knight.

4. Armie Hammer

Armie Hammer was prepared to be Batman for the abandoned Justice League movie by George Miller years ago and so he may get a second chance. It depends if the stink of the 'Lone Ranger' failure will hurt his odds.

5. Wes Bentley

Wes Bentley is considered an underrated actor who hasn't become a household name despite his stellar work in the Oscar-winning 'American Beauty'. No stranger to sci-fi and comic book movies. From bad (Ghost Rider, Jonah Hex) to box-office gold in 'The Hunger Games' and this year's much anticipated sequel 'Catching Fire' Bentley will be on everyone's radar.

6. Gabriel Macht

Probably lesser known to the general public is Gabriel Macht. He's currently on USA network's fan-favorite 'Suits' and has steadily worked in film and television for years. He's worked with Al Pacino, Gene Hackman, Samuel L. Jackson, Robert De Niro, Anthony Hopkins. He is a seasoned actor ready to break out.

7. Sam Page

Certainly the longest of longshots here is Sam Page. His classic good looks helped him get significant roles on 'Desperate Housewives' and 'Mad Men'. He has that Bruce Wayne swag and could be the dark horse to come out of the pack.

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