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You Damned Old People and Your Golf Carts Get a Real Car Gramps Oh Some Guy Said Hey This Needs to Be Labeled As Mature I Dont Know Why

Gary is a jewelry designer who is making the best of a box of beads his ex-wife left in the basement and he uses his grown son Kevin as his model; any proceeds from his artful designs goes to supplement his income as a trucker. In his own words (including his unique spelling and punctuation), from his Etsy store information: "my name is gary i started making jewelry cuz my wife left me. she left a whole box of beads in the basement and i didn't know what to do with it i make really good jewelry and if anyone disagrees we are not friends i use my son kevin as a model hes not very good but i cant afford a real one. he complains that the clothes i make him wear are too bright and revealing but he owes me money so whateveri give hijmm a place to stay and no one likes him i know what the people want and he dont because he didnt finish college then he tells me that i didnt either but that doesnt matter i make jewelry im also a trucker but that isnt important to jewelry people come look at my shop and buy my stuff its really pretty thank you love gary. kevin told me to put this in here don't know why im the dad i should tell him what to do but no he gets his attitude from his crappy mom" You can read the rest of it here: Be sure to click on the "Etsy" source link below the photo to go to Gary's listing to see his son, Kevin, modeling his latest wearable art jewelry.

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