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Paula Deen Riding Things, a New Website by Two College Guys, Nick and Robbie

A new website ( ) by two college guys named Nick and Robbie along with some of their friends have created an online sensation which displays pictures and animations of Paula Deen riding 'things.' The site is in homage to the fabulous Deen and users create content to add to almost 850 submissions of all things Paula Deen rides. This wacky and quirky website has caught the attention of Jimmy Fallon (who has Tweeted) and mentions have come from MSNBC, the L.A. Times, Huffington Post and others. Users are sending in submissions which superimpose Deen: riding a running ostrich, piloting both the Pope Mobile and the TBS Conan Blimp, toasting Charlie Sheen with drink in hand, gracing the cover of the Rolling Stones, knuckle-riding Jersey Shore's castmate Pauly D, riding Stephen Hawking in zero gravity as well as a ham, a whale and even a stick of butter! Submit an image of Paula Deen riding something...anything! ---Get in on the fun!

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