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Coffee, Tea Or Me? Cutest Ring Ever!

Coffee, tea or me? A beautiful, delightful, sensational, uber whimsical, cheerful pink coffee / tea cup in miniature size perfect to wear on your finger! Although it's a miniature cup it is by no means small; petite yes, microscopic no! Actually it's pretty big for a miniature! The cup sits on a petite pink matching saucer and sports a wee handle. .75" in diameter and about .50" in height. A lovely hot pink acrylic cup with white polka dots with what appears to be a full cup of java! How cool is that? The ring is glossy, beautifully detailed and is a piece to be cherished for sure. The silver-tone metal adjustable ring fits size 6.5 -7.5 Ideal kawaii princess girly glam, punk glam, storybook glam, Cosplay, gothic lolita, shabby chic fashionista, rockabilly, psychobilly, scene, and would glitz and rock even the most haute couture! Just $7.99 and $2.99 to ship! In stock and ready to ship today!

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