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DIY Kaleidoscope

Don't throw away those paper tower rolls. Turn a rainy afternoon into making cool kaleidoscopes.

What you need:
1 roll of Sparkle® Paper Towels
1 plastic produce box
20-25 translucent beads
1 sheet reflective paper
1 sheet scrapbook paper
Hot glue
Glue gun
Permanent marker

1. Take an empty paper towel roll and an empty clear, plastic produce box.
2. Cut the box so you have just its flat base.
3. Trace 2 circles from the end of the paper towel roll on the piece of plastic.
4. Cut the circles out. One slightly outside the outline, the other slightly inside the outline.
5. Hot glue the larger circle to an end of the paper towel roll.
6. Pour 20-25 translucent beads into the paper towel roll.
7. Drop the smaller circle into the roll to keep the beads on one end of the roll.
8. Place a ruler inside the paper towel roll to measure the distance between the beads and the end of the roll.
9. Cut reflective paper to this length by 4 ⅛ inches wide.
10. Fold the paper into thirds and hold it into a prism. Tape to connect the ends of the paper.
11. Place the prism inside the roll.
12. Wrap the kaleidoscope in scrapbook paper for an extra pop of color.