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Re-pump-li-kins! (NSFW-ish)

It's Halloween tiem! and as I look over the bright orange rows of hollow bloated orbs sitting in front of Wal-Mart I am reminded of the Republican party (for some reason). It turns out a lot of pumpkins bear a striking resemblance to our favorite lovable pachyderms.

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  • Rush Limbaugh

    Even if you can't love an opinionated blowhard how can you RESIST such a giant fleshy head?

  • Pumpkin Rush Limbaugh

  • Levi Johnston and Sarah Palin

    So cute!

  • Pumpkin Levi and Sarah


  • Glenn Beck

  • Pumpkin Glenn Beck

  • George W

  • Pumpkin George W

    See the joke is that it looks like a giant a- presidential, it looks presidential.

  • Christine O'Donnel

  • Pumpkin Christine O'Donnel

  • Dick Cheney

  • Pumpkin Dick Cheney

  • Karl Rove

  • Pumpkin Karl Rove

    WOW they got the eyes just right

  • Sen. Larry Craig

  • Pumpkin Sen. Larry Craig

    Well it looks like SOMEONE'S having a happy Halloween...