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15 Squishy Gifs That Are Oddly Satisfying

And maybe just a little bit sexual.

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1. These soon-to-be watermelon Jell-O shots are mesmerizing.

2. Just look at these magnificent gelatin cubes!

3. I've never wanted to jiggle something so badly.

4. It looks like a transparent peach! Or tiny butt?

5. Is this what comes out when fairies ...sneeze?

6. This tiny mountain Jell-O could stop a panic attack.

7. What did the Jell-O do to deserve this?

8. Colorful rain drop cakes? I'll take five.

9. This is both soothing and revolting.

10. #TFW someone shatters your soft, squishy heart.

11. The least boring iPhone unboxing video!

12. I would wear this as an accessory.

13. I have no idea what this is.

14. Why is this so satisfying???

15. Seriously, can someone explain this to me?

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