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13 Things Financially Savvy People Do To Help Level Up Your Money Game

Quit sleeping on these money-smart tips.

We may not all be great financial planners (it's not like we can be good at everything, hey?), but listening to and learning from our financially savvy people is a great starting point for learning about good money habits.

1. Building a financial plan to help you achieve those big life goals.

2. Automating transfers between accounts.

3. Thinking about investing as well as saving.

4. Thinking about superannuation early to make the most of compound returns.

5. Managing risk through diversified financial products.

6. Consolidating your super funds.

7. Considering going harder on salary sacrificing.

8. Choosing investments that are aligned to your values.

9. Having investing in property in mind.

10. Seeking out the best sources of financial education.

11. Considering getting professional financial advice.

12. Having control over credit cards and Buy Now Pay Later products.

13. And finally, only taking on "good" debt — and paying it back fast.

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