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    12 Things To Get Your Single Self On Valentine's Day

    Just because you're single doesn't mean you can't treat yo' self.

    1. Dogs Heart Earrings by Yippy Whippy, $40 / Via

    Your dog is the real love of your life anyway. And that's just how you like it.

    Get these earrings here for $40.

    2. In Plants We Trust Sticker, $2.75 / Via

    Not all people can be trusted-- but plants? Plants are reliable.

    Get it here for $2.75.

    3. Major Feels Club Sweatshirt, $29 / Via

    Embrace your feels with this cute sweatshirt!

    Get it here for $29.

    4. Nic Cage Locket, $35 / Via

    Let's face it, The Cage is bae.

    Get your own locket here for $35.

    5. I Hate Pants Pencil Set, $5 / Via

    How can people even date when it means you have to get up off the couch and put pants on?

    Buy these pencils here for $5.

    6. Rose Quartz Crystal "Wand", $189 / Via

    Chakrubs make healing crystals that specialize in... sexual healing.

    Grab your own here for $189.

    7. Waffles BFF Necklace Set, $24 / Via

    This handmade necklace set is a nod to Lesley Knope, and the best part about it is you can share it with a friend for a late Galentine's Day present.

    Get your own here for $24.

    8. Introvert/Extrovert Banner, $32 / Via

    Choose a side. Or don't-- this banner also comes in "ambivert."

    Get your own here for $32.

    9. No Scrubs Doormat, $38 / Via

    Ward off scrubs with this no-nonsense doormat.

    Get your own here for $38.

    10. Baby Pink Mesh Lingerie Set, $56 / Via

    Single people can wear pretty lingerie too. This set can also be made to your specific measurements.

    Buy it here for $56.

    11. Dolly Parton Prayer Candle, $14 / Via

    Praise be to Saint Dolly. Let her wisdom guide you.

    Grab your own Dolly candle here for $14.

    12. You're Weird and I Love You Card, $5 / Via

    And finally, a good old-fashioned greeting card. You deserve it.

    Buy yourself one here for $5.

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