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    11 Far Out Gifts Your Stoner Friend Is Sure To Appreciate

    Give a gift that says, "Hey, thanks for passing that joint."

    1. Liquid Glitter Glass Pipe, $70

    2. Brazil Fabric Hammock Chair, $120

    3. Pizza Pouch Necklace, $8

    4. 3D Printed Hemp Rope Lighter Case, $8

    5. Wake and Bake Pipe Mug, $65

    6. Nebula Jar, DIY

    7. Peace Pot Leaf T-Shirt, $20

    8. Glow-In-The-Dark Pizza Grinder, $45

    9. Best Buds Keychain Set, $16

    10. The Official High Times Cannabis Cookbook, $15

    11. Glowing Amanita Magic Mushroom Clay Peace Pipe, $30