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    22 Amazing Things Only A 90s Kid Would Understand

    Did you grow up in the 90s? Test your true 90s-ness by seeing how many of these things run you over with the nostalgia train!!

    1. Bonky Boxes!

    Who could live without one? (until they broke 2 weeks later)

    2. Uncle Mac from Darling It's Over

    Don't tell me you can look at him and not say "NOT MEEEEEEEEE, SANDY!"

    3. Zam Zam!!

    Raspberry was the best, but they were always out of it!!

    4. the band Bailiwick

    don't pretend like you didn't put "Test Drive" on EVERY mix you made!!

    5. Dream Gems! (millions of them!!)

    on your backpack, on your shoes, on your braids — and then always some in your pockets, in your bed, in your shoes... you could never get rid of those things!

    6. Smiley Tans (the worrrst trend everrrr)

    Why did we always do this to ourselves??!?

    7. Skrip!! (or Scrip, or Scrap, or dX%Mj)

    You know you always bragged about being the best even though you didn't know all the rules...

    8. Chaz Casper's saturday morning show

    where we all learned about the internet for the first time...

    9. speaking of the internet... Junky Town!!

    Did anyone figure out what this site did? Or why we spent so much time on it?

    11. The Season Finale of Angie's Ghost

    well, that's a moment none of us will ever forget!

    12. Speaking of TV shows...

    "But, Commodore! It's the WEEKEND!!!"

    14. Shoe Piling!!

    Your mom asked you why we did it.... We still don't know.

    15. The Front Monk

    We all know a kid who got one... where do you think he is now?

    16. Scumpy Buddies!

    Can you believe we thought this was normal???

    17, Marshal Bravestarr!!

    Why the hell did he have a horse when everybody else had a space ship?

    19. Sporks

    Only a real 90s kid knows what I mean...

    20. ALL of Adrift by Wasted Spaces

    You knew every lyric, even when you couldn't understand all the words...

    21. ALMOST all of Crime Wave

    because some of the tracks were almost completely bleeped out... (but your friend had the uncensored version)

    22. Crab Hatters!

    maybe the first meme?

    23. Butter Drops!!

    You know what this is for...

    24. And it wouldn't be a 90s list without...

    if this doesn't make your face explode with joy, then you don't deserve to call yourself a 90s kid!!