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10 Animals You Probably Didn't Know We've Cloned

Everyone who's anyone knows about sheep clones and pig clones. But have you heard of these clones? See what happens when clones who didn't know they were clones find out in the season premiere of Orphan Black on Saturday, April 19 at 9e/6p on Space.

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2. Pyrenean ibex

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A kind of mountain goat native to Spain, the last wild Iberian ibex died out in 2000. In 2009, however, the species came baa-ck to life in the form of a clone, becoming the first extinct animal to be cloned.

4. Mules

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Though mules are sterile, in 2003 scientists at the University of Idaho proved that their population could still be maintained with the creation of Idaho Gem, Utah Pioneer, and Idaho Star, who should really be on tour with those names.

5. Gaur

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The gaur are a type of cool-looking bovine native to South/east Asia whose environment is rapidly diminishing. Now endangered, in 2001 a bull gaur — "Noah" — was born, the first baby born from a cloned animal.

6. A cat

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Aside from resulting in the purrfect name for a clone, "CopyCat," CC was also interesting because while she was the genetic equal to her mother, they each had very distinct colorings and purrsonalities.

9. A water buffalo

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Water buffaloes have been of keen interest both to Indian and Chinese scientists (particularly because of their milk), and each government has cloned one; the first was born in 2005 in Beijing.

10. Frogs

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By cloning a tadpole, John Gurdon was able to create (what became) a frog in 1958. So how far off can we really be from having a real-life Poliwag? That's rhetorical. We obviously have to be pretty close.

Think a cat clone is crazy?

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Wait till you see these clones. Check out the season premiere of Orphan Black on Saturday, April 19 at 9e/6p on Space.