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4 Most Annoying Things About The Internet (The Not-So Tech-Savvy Introvert's Perspective)

The internet provides with alot of ways to connect and socialize while providing a plethora of sources of information. But sometimes the internet can "wet the bed" in more ways than one. As a frequent introverted internet user (usually by force in some cases) here are a couple of my pet peeves.

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1. Notifications Aplenty


Facebook has come a long way since its inception in regards to notifications. We all remember the good old days when we would be bombarded with game requests from that one friend who couldn't get enough of playing Farmville, Casteville, or every other "ville" and kept inviting you to help them boost their resource gathering or whatever. Well, nowadays things have gotten abit more annoying. If youre the sort of person that doesnt spend alot of time on the site but would like to be notified about what your friends are up to, the new system for notifications does become abit annoying. "42 notifications", says the Facebook app, only these are just notices that someone posted a photo, shared a link, commented on a post, liked a post, joined a group, etc. , and usually that isn't what you would want to know. It feels even more disheartening if it happens on your birthday and nobody remembers, yet they have the notifications turned on and they're active. (Totally not speaking from experience.)

2. Good Ol' Algorithms


During my free time I spend most of the day binging binging on YouTube videos. You would think that after years of perfecting automated technology, we would get the algorithms figured out. But this isn't always the case. Nothing is more irritating, especially on a site like YouTube, than having the algorithm spam your video feed with content that you didn't ask for. Wanted to check out that one video of a guy doing a speedrun of a 5 year old game? Go ahead, then after that you can have 7 other channel suggestions of that very game flooding your feed. You try to look up something else, and the previous suggestions you liked get lost in the ether. Before you know it, your feed is filled with thousands of suggestions of the same 2 or three types of content. While subscribing to a channel is an option, this is more an issue with trying to discover new content, or when you're following a channel that you aren't sure about subscribing to.

3. The (Not So) Helpful Forums.


Now if you're like me and you want answers fast, nothing can be more annoying than going to a forum to research a particular bit of information only to find pretentious users bickering over who did more Google searches than the other (occasionally giving false information with a lot of confidence), on a page dedicated to whatever it is you're looking for. Even worse is when someone posted about an issue they need help with ( usually technical) and people respond to the question with "same here" or "i have the same problem" and there's almost 5 or more pages of it with no answer in sight.

4. The "Comment" Section


An extension of the previous point and the creme de la creme of annoyance on the internet. Toxic comments aside, one thing stands out to me about this topic. That is the "know it all" commenter. This is not very common but when it does occur you wonder what made that individual the king of the comment section. For instance, you watch a let's play video of a game and the player misses out on some valuable information that you found out about on reddit. You then see a comment thread talking about what the player had missed being tied to a bug in the game. You then post a workaround of the bug in the hopes the let player (and anybody that isn't aware of it) may see it. But then some smug commenter responds with "we already know about this so your comment isn't helpful". Oh yeah, well if you already know about, why didn't the let's player know about it? And how about the other 3 people that liked my comment and said "thanks i never knew that"?

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