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    17 Questions We Had About The Differences Between Mexico City And Manhattan

    Street hot dogs or street tacos? That's the real question.

    ¡Hi there! We are Fer, Tori, and Gretchen. Tori and Gretchen work in the BuzzFeed NY office, and Fer works in the BuzzFeed Mexico office.

    There's a lot of shows and movies out there in the streaming world right now to watch about both New York and Mexico City — but as we all know, you can't believe everything you see on the screen!

    So, we had a cute little movie night and came up with a bunch of questions for each other about what life in our cities is really like versus what's in film.

    Here are all of those questions, answered!

    1. As a Mexican, I think I speak for all of us when I ask: Do New Yorkers eat as many street hot dogs as it seems?

    2. OK, we need to know — what is it like living in Mexico City? Is it busy and crowded like Manhattan?

    3. It seems like there is always construction in New York City. Is that true?

    4. From the movies we watched, it seems like families in Mexico City, or maybe all of Mexico, are really female-led. Is that true?

    5. This I had to ask too: Are people in New York as rude as in the movies?

    6. How would you describe the fashion in Mexico City?

    7. Speaking about outfits, do all New Yorkers dress as extra as they seem to do in the movies?

    8. What about beauty standards? It seems that people are maybe a little more accepting and diverse in Mexico, from what we've watched. Does that hold up?

    9. What is the reality of dating in New York? It seems like people are more focused with their careers over there, instead of settling down — getting married just doesn't seem like a goal for New Yorkers...

    10. How about in Mexico? Is marriage a big end goal even for young people?

    11. Are New Yorkers actually always in a rush? And is the traffic as bad as it seems on TV?

    12. Are the buildings pretty and colorful? NYC has a brown and gray aesthetic to it, except for street art and stuff like that. What about Mexico City?

    13. Is New York somewhat like what's shown on Gossip Girl, like, the whole "Upper East Side" life?

    14. Mexico City seems like an exciting place to live in, like there's something cool to see or do every day. Is that true?

    15. Is living in New York as glamorous as it seems?

    16. Do you see a lot of wealthy people in Mexico City, kinda just showing off? It's occasional in NYC, but it's those people that most shows end up being based on.

    17. Last one — when can we all visit each other?!

    Three friends enjoying a trip together

    This post was translated from Spanish.