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13 Reasons Why Traveling In Your Twenties Is Better With A Buddy

Whether it's your BFF or bae, you can easily bring your partner in crime on your next vacation with the Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards Visa Card!

1. You always have someone to sit with on the plane, bus, or train.

2. You can split the cost of lodging.

3. They can help keep you on schedule...

4. ...but also encourage an impromptu adventure.

5. You always have someone to spot you if you run low on cash.

6. You can do activities involving more than one person.

7. You double your chances of being able to successfully communicate in a foreign language.

8. You can order twice the amount of food at restaurants.

9. You have a built-in safety net.

10. They can take pictures of you...

11. ...and take pictures with you.

12. Basically, you will have twice the amount of pictures at the end of the trip...

13. ...and someone to share the memories with.

Get going and create some lifelong memories! Every point with the Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards Visa Card counts toward earning Southwest's Companion Pass**, the benefit that allows you to bring along a friend to fly free* with you for a full year!

*All Rapid Rewards rules and regulations apply.

**Does not include taxes and fees from $5.60 one-way.