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21 Photos Of Hawaii That Will Make You Say, "I Want To Go To There"

If you like California, then you're gonna love Hawaii!

1. By now you've probably heard about this wonderful place in the Pacific Ocean called "Hawaii."

2. And you know that it's famous for beautiful tropical beaches that will take your breath away.

3. But there's a lot more to Hawaii than just beautiful beaches.

4. Most of the non-beach parts of Hawaii are covered in lush tropical rain forests like this:

5. And there are SO MANY amazing places to explore!

6. You've probably heard that Hawaii is a great place to snorkel, right?

7. But snorkeling in Hawaii is, like, NEXT LEVEL.

8. You can swim with a freakin' sea turtle...

9. ...or even see a giant manta ray. It's basically an animal-lover's dream come true.

10. Guess what, foodies: Hawaii is also a great spot to embark on an amazing culinary adventure!

11. And don't forget the shave ice! It's like a snow cone — but about a billion times better.

12. If you want to stay busy, there are plenty of bustling cities, quaint towns, and relaxing resorts across the Hawaiian islands to keep you occupied.

13. And Hawaii is also the perfect place to do absolutely nothing.

14. Imagine sitting in this chair and not moving for an entire day.

15. Now imagine exploring this beautiful place and thinking, "Wow, it really reminds me of a famous TV show about a bunch of people stranded on a mysterious island," then finding out that this is where they filmed that famous TV show about a bunch of people stranded on a mysterious island.

16. Every nook, cranny, and cove in Hawaii offers an adventure.

17. Over the course of one day in Hawaii, you can explore some enormous bamboo forests...

18. ...go surfing on the best waves you've ever been thrown off a surfboard by...

19. ...and then just sit and stare at this for the rest of the afternoon...

20. ...until this gorgeous sunset happens.

21. Oh, and speaking of Hawaii's sunsets: They're like nothing you've ever seen before!

Images via Getty Images.

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