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The 10 Most Epic Cameos On South Park

South Park is famous for its awesome celeb cameos. Check out our favorites below. After all, the show is built on "friendly faces everywhere, humble folks without temptation!" To see who pops in this season, make sure to tune in when South Park returns on October 5th at 10/9c, only on Comedy Central.

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  • 1. Al Gore

    If right-wing politicians won't heed Al's warnings about Manbearpig (half-man, half-bearpig) then you can kiss our planet goodbye.

  • 2. Tom Cruise

    Tom Cruise locked himself in a closet. What Would Jesus L. Ron Hubbard Do?

  • 3. Russell Crowe

    A man dedicated to busting guts delivers gut-busting laughter in this testosterone-fueled cameo.

  • 4. Paris Hilton

    One day in South Park may be the only thing more obscene than One Night In Paris for Paris Hilton.

  • 5. Michael Jackson

    It may be uncouth to make fun of a dead celebrity, but I'm pretty sure you can still laugh at his cartoon likeness.

  • 6. Bono

    Stan's Dad takes a giant crap. Bono is a giant piece of crap.

  • 7. Oprah

    When Oprah's vagina (aka Minge) and anus (aka Gary) conspire to get her fired, all hell (and anatomy) breaks loose.

  • 8. Kanye West

    Kanye uses his genius to solve the fish sticks equation. Duh.

  • 9. Mel Gibson

    Anti-semitism. Violence. The inane brain of Mel Gibson. It's just another day in South Park...

  • 10. Puff Daddy

    P. Diddy vs. PETA. Mink becomes a casualty.