• 1. Al Gore

    If right-wing politicians won’t heed Al’s warnings about Manbearpig (half-man, half-bearpig) then you can kiss our planet goodbye.

  • 2. Tom Cruise

    Tom Cruise locked himself in a closet. What Would Jesus L. Ron Hubbard Do?

  • 3. Russell Crowe

    A man dedicated to busting guts delivers gut-busting laughter in this testosterone-fueled cameo.

  • 4. Paris Hilton

    One day in South Park may be the only thing more obscene than One Night In Paris for Paris Hilton.

  • 5. Michael Jackson

    It may be uncouth to make fun of a dead celebrity, but I’m pretty sure you can still laugh at his cartoon likeness.

  • 6. Bono

    Stan’s Dad takes a giant crap. Bono is a giant piece of crap.

  • 7. Oprah

    When Oprah’s vagina (aka Minge) and anus (aka Gary) conspire to get her fired, all hell (and anatomy) breaks loose.

  • 8. Kanye West

    Kanye uses his genius to solve the fish sticks equation. Duh.

  • 9. Mel Gibson

    Anti-semitism. Violence. The inane brain of Mel Gibson. It’s just another day in South Park…

  • 10. Puff Daddy

    P. Diddy vs. PETA. Mink becomes a casualty.