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12 People Who Turned Lemons Into Lemonade

Turning everyday life all the way up to 11.

1. These bin-men, not letting the weather stop them:

2. This water-sports enthusiast, never willing to miss an opportunity to catch some surf:

3. This store worker, turning Saturday shopping into a joy to behold:

4. This trucker, who might not have the cash to spend putting a pool in his backyard, but has the wits to put one in the back of his pickup:

No pool, no problem!! All you need is a truck and a tarp ... #UncleSi styles. #Summer #vancouver

5. This guy, making the most of being stuck on a top of a burning volcano:

6. This skateboarder, probably the only person in the neighbourhood who saw an earthquake and thought "skatepark!":

Californians make the best of a bad situation #napaquake #lemonsintolemonade #silverlining

7. This fellow, thinking on his feet to keep them dry:

8. This chap, who's settling down for the winter:

How to own the blizzard like a boss. #Buffalo

9. This driver, who seems remarkably chilled about this whole situation:

10. This guy, who, unable to get to the store, thought he'd catch his dinner instead:

Some fishing in the D #Detroit #Flood @DaveandChuck

11. This fitness enthusiast, who definitely meant to do that:

12. This driver, working on his tan during a jam:

Sunbathing on the #m25 make the most of the #traffic

#TanYourLemonade this summer by enjoying a refreshing Southern Comfort with lemonade and a squeeze of fresh lime.

Additional imagery courtesy of Thinkstock

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