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If Christmas Jumpers Told The Truth

'Tis the season to grin and bear it.

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1. When you're held to ransom by auntie's Christmas gift:

Knape / Getty Images / BuzzFeed

2. When you were the only one who actually read the memo and bothered to dress up:

IPGGutenbergUKLtd / Getty Images / Shutterstock / BuzzFeed

3. When you're a "presents before breakfast" family:

Rtimages / Getty Images / BuzzFeed

4. When you're too scared to break tradition and say you'd rather have a slab of rare roast beef:

Photo By Rafa Elias / Getty Images / BuzzFeed

5. When you realise it's just easier to give in and wear the damn jumper:

Shawn Gearhart / Getty Images / Shutterstock / BuzzFeed

6. When it truly is the thought that counts:

Steve Cady / Getty Images / BuzzFeed

7. When you take Christmas desserts really seriously:

IPGGutenbergUKLtd / Getty Images / Shutterstock / BuzzFeed

8. When you weren't that keen to wear the jumper, but then you realised you're just a big kid and Christmas is brilliant.

Jon Feingersh Photography Inc / Getty Images / Shutterstock / BuzzFeed

9. When you just have to be honest about your Christmas intentions:

RTimages / Getty Images / BuzzFeed

10. When your girlfriend makes you dress like a wally and pose for a Christmas card that you didn't even want to send out:

Jason Verschoor / Getty Images / BuzzFeed

11. When you've totally overindulged:

FangXiaNuo / Getty Images / Shutterstock / BuzzFeed

No matter what Christmas throws at you, stay comfortable and relax with Southern Comfort.

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