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18 Things That Are Undoubtedly Life's Little Pleasures

It's true that you may not be perfect. But you're certainly a limited edition. Southern Comfort knows this, which is why they want you to just be yourself and do #WhateversComfortable. Stay Comfortable drink responsibly. For the facts

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3. When your partner goes out for the night…


… And you act all sad, but really you're delighted because you can do all that weird stuff they didn't realise you got up to when they're not around.

5. When you rehearse a possible future conversation in your head / Via

So that you're prepared for every outcome, when it happens.

Even though, in your heart of hearts, your girlfriend's dad is probably not going to challenge you to a rap battle.

9. After an imaginary shower argument

Supernatural/Wonderland Sound and Vision (Seasons 1–8) Warner Bros. Television / Via

When you run through what you should have said during a real-life argument, in your head. And you emerge the victor.

12. When you only have yourself to cook dinner for


"Waiter, I'll have four spoons full of peanut butter, eaten straight from the jar, some ready salted crisps and the last of yesterday's cold pizza, please.'

16. When you're exploring those weird thoughts you get before you go to sleep


"What do sheep count before they go to sleep?"

"Chicken is the only meat you can eat before it is born… But also after it is dead."

"Milk is just immature cheese."

"Why don't lifts have an 'undo' button?"

Whatever you do - do whatever's comfortable:

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Because you're brilliant just the way you are.

Please don't share with those under 18. Stay Comfortable drink responsibly. For the facts