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13 Epic Fake Tan Mistakes We've All Made

At least it all washes off in the end...

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1. But fake tanning is not without its challenges.

When fake tan goes wrong... Living as two halves of different people. I've made a massive mistake

2. It requires a certain nous.

3. And a certain level of experience.

4. Yet it can get all up the walls...

Wooopsie my wall was attack by fake tan hahahahahaa #fail

10. But even that can be hazardous.

Thanks @Puddingbreath01 massive fake tan fail #faketan #fail #orange

11. How exactly are you supposed to keep it even anyway?

@emmajayorama ha you want to talk about fail? LOOK AT MY FAKE TAN LINE (& chubby thighs & messy room) #triplethreatfail

Southern Comfort with lemonade and a squeeze of fresh lime – tan your lemonade, whatever the weather!

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