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12 Signs Love Might Be Right Under Your Nose

Sometimes it just sneaks up on you. With love from Southern Comfort 100 Proof.

1. You've been friends for the longest time, and you've never considered it could be anything more.

2. They share everything with you.

3. You know all of their favorite things, and they know all of yours.

4. When they smile, it makes you smile.

5. And you've noticed they've been popping into your head a lot lately.

6. You've suddenly become more interested in their life.

7. You see other people leaving flirty comments on their photos, and you realize it kind of bothers you.

8. When you don't see them for a while, you realize you actually miss them.

9. You've started talking almost every day.

10. And you start to spend a little more time getting ready when you know you're going to see them.

11. You even try to picture yourself being with this person, and surprisingly, it makes sense.

12. And then it hits you: Is this a thing?

Toast to one newly discovered love with another: Southern Comfort 100 Proof.

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