The 6 Stages Of Grief After Losing Your Favorite Top

Shit’s about to hit the fan.

1. 1. Denial

It’s not lost, you love the shit out of that top. Losing it is not an option

2. You search everywhere because you KNOW it didn’t just get up and walk away…

that would be ridiculous

3. You start looking in crazy places…

because desperation

4. Even here….

(Scout beat you there)

5. In 10 minutes your house looks like this…

6. Youre roommates are like …

7. And you’re like …

Not now chief I’m in the fucking zone.

8. 2. The next step is Isolation

9. 3. Then Anger

10. You start accusing everyone because there’s no way YOU lost it

no way jose.

11. Your first victim is your best friend


12. They’re like…

13. So you confront the family dog…

14. He’s a dead end, but he gives you some lovin..


15. Now you’re just angry at your shirt for losing itself…

So you curse it

16. 4. Step 4 is Bargaining - You promise your higher power you’ll be more responsible next time…

17. You even do your roommates dishes in hopes of good karma…

You’re actually just really hungry from all this stress and there’s no clean dishes left.

18. 5. Depression sets in - nothing makes sense anymore…

19. You call mom for a care package

20. She’s giving zero shits about your dilemma…

21. You have no one else to turn to except…

(comfort food)

22. 6. In the end your only option is Acceptance

You’ve only reached the acceptance stage because know you won’t fit into it anymore anyways after all that comfort food.

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