It’s Time To Leave The Beach…

and you turn into a giant baby because sand IS EVERYWHERE.

1. The ring leader decides it’s time to go

2. That’s cool with you though, because you’re like this….

3. And you’re so hungry this is going to be you in 15 minutes

4. But you have to pack everything up, you look around and you’re feeling


5. You’re hating life right now…

6. Panic starts to set in…

7. And here comes the extreme exhaustion…

8. Tears? Yeah, you’re about to start crying

9. You start stomping around because you don’t want to carry anything…

10. Mom start’s to get pissed…

11. You finally agree to carry ONE bag

12. BUT, before all this you have to put sandy clothes on your wet body

just kill yourself now

13. Unless you’re that person who never wears a shirt, then you’re GTG

(everyone hates you)

14. Now you have to walk across this…

It’s actually just really hot sand you guys.

15. So naturally you start dialing Yellow Cab and you’re very proud of this idea…

16. Except you forgot you’re on the beach

you’re being completely ridiculous now.

17. You decide to forge ahead… obviously, you have no other option….

18. You think the worst is over, but you still have that car ride…

19. If anyone even tries to talk to you until you’ve showered, they’re getting a plant to the face

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