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15 Extremely Sour Pranks

Things have gotten a little sour lately. And by now, it’s obvious that the Sour Patch Kids are the culprits. Take a look at some things we are sure they are responsible for. And if you've been wronged by the infamous Sour Patch Kids, it’s your turn to get revenge right here.

1. Breading The Cat

2. Destroying the throw pillows

3. Cover entire floor with cups filled with water

4. The Ol' Pee In The Water Prank

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Have you or a loved one been wronged by a Sour Patch Kid? It's time to demand justice. Upload evidence like this right here!

5. Mustaching The Billboard

6. Candying Onions

7. Wrap everything in brown paper

8. Tagging The Bridge

9. Wrecking havoc in the bathroom

10. Fill a room with balloons

11. Fill an entire room with chairs

12. Cover phone with rubber bands

13. Soapin Up the Fountain

14. The Snow Pig Prank

15. Filling a car with styrofoam peanuts and seran wrapping