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The 15 Ups And Downs Of New Love

It's a roller coaster. Presented with Kristen Walker to celebrate the release of her track All Of My Lovin'.

1. You spend most of the day distracted thinking about them and it is so nice.

2. You're having way too much fun lurking their feed looking at old photos.

3. Until you go too deep and find a lot of photos of them with an ex partner.

4. You are the happiest friend in your group right now.

5. Every time you are about to see them you get butterflies. A lot of butterflies.

6. But then you have your first fight, and suddenly things feel so real.

7. You make up and spend the entire weekend together and are totally inseparable.

8. It's pretty much guaranteed that you'll see each other on the important nights of the week.

9. But then one weekend they make plans and don't invite you.

10. You start to open up and feel like you can tell them anything.

11. But you panic that maybe you're saying too much, too soon.

12. They're so perfect, everything they do has got you like:

13. And then you find that one habit about them that bothers you.

14. And right when everything is going smoothly, your ex finds out you're with someone new and suddenly wants to talk again.

15. But... still butterflies. Everywhere butterflies.

And every song feels like it's about you. Like this new track by Barbados-based artist Kristen Walker, definitely your life right now.