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Meet The Iranian Influencers Whose Livelihoods Will Be Stripped Away By A Ban On Instagram

One of the last remaining major social networks in Iran has become a haven for free expression and opportunity for women. That’s put it in the sights of the regime.

Megha Rajagopalan • 5 months ago

Welcoming Passengers At US International Arrival Gates? You Miss People You Do Not Know!

Iranian queer refugees granted asylum in the USA are now trapped in Turkey for at least another 4 months.

Soudeh Rad • 2 years ago

These Are The LGBT Refugees Trapped By Donald Trump’s Immigration Order

“We are all gonna end up in this fucking Turkey … It’s hell. It's fucking hell.”

J. Lester Feder • 2 years ago

These Are The Queer Refugees Australia Has Locked Up On A Remote Pacific Island

BuzzFeed News speaks with a 28-year-old who fled his family's efforts to kill him in Iran hoping Australia would protect him. Instead, the country sent him to a place that feels just as dangerous.

J. Lester Feder • 3 years ago