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The Subscription Box For Band Has Arrived #finally

#THEJANKGUITARSTORE, an entertainment company in St. Charles, IL, has unveiled a new subscription service for band and orchestra members to keep their gear ship-shape and their parents sane.

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"Band Box" is the subscription box for band and orchestra musicians. Band Box delivers, "disposable necessities like strings, reeds and rosin on a regular schedule" every 1-3 months according to their website. You might need Band Box if this has ever happened to you...

1. You ran out of reeds and forgot to ask your parents to get more.

If you’re human and you completely forget about having a spare set of strings or reeds until yours give out on you, then Band Box is your thing.

The Elgin Youth Symphony are Band Box's first subscribers.

Band Box currently serves string and woodwind instruments, including Cello, Clarinet, Guitar (acoustic and electric), Oboe, Saxophone, Violin and Viola.

Band Box

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