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8 Examples Of “Jank” Music: The Genre You’ve Heard, But You’ve Never Heard Of.

To all you people out there who like one-upping your friends with musical insights that make it seem like you are an underground A&R rep: this one is for you.

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Jank is a guitar-driven genre.

There are two important elements that distinguish a “Jank” song from a pop or fusion song. First, for a song to be Jank it has to be guitar-driven in a style that does not rely on a particular key note or chord progression. In Jank style songs, the guitar provides fluidity and rhythm to the listener’s ear but never rests. A single guitar will carry the rhythm, instrumental melody, and counter-melody, creating an intricate and technically challenging part for the guitarist.

The second important element is the combination of styles. In order to be considered “Jank” music, a song must be guitar-driven with the technical aspects above and also combine three or more musical styles into a single cohesive composition. The combination of Jank guitar playing and a triad of styles is what takes Jank music out of “fusion” concepts and into its own category.

It all started in 2003.

Casely and The Jank

The Jank genre of music was originally created by a group called “The Jank”. The group’s members began developing the musical style back in 2003 - a time when electronic music was overtaking popular tastes. In recent years as popular music has shifted back in favor of authentic instrumentation and vocal performances, the Jank style has gained momentum with several artists.

Meet Jank Music

Here are 8 Jank songs to get you up to speed...

“Only I” by Casely and The Jank

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A sample from the genre’s originators, “Only I” is a Jank Music single that was written in 2004.

“You Lose” by Tilky Montgomery Jones

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Tilky Montgomery Jones / Via

FUN FACT: Tilky Montgomery Jones is a former member of the boy band Take 5. He chose the Jank genre as the overall style for his debut solo EP “Aesthetic Experience” which he released in 2010. Casely and The Jank worked with Jones to arrange songs like “You Lose” and help define a unique musical identity beyond his roots in boy band pop with Jank music, as Justin Timberlake did with R&B.

“Goodbye” by Echosmith

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Echosmith / Via

"Cheerleader (Jank Remix)" by OMI, Casely and The Jank

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Casely and The Jank / Via

“Am I Wrong” by Nico & Vinz

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Nico & Vinz / Via

“Somebody That I Used To Know” by Gotye

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Gotye / Via

"Somebody That I Used To Know" was the first Jank song to reach #1 on the Billboard Hot 100.

"What a Night (Jank Remix)" by Kat DeLuna ft. Jeremih, Casely and the Jank

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"Closure" by Maroon 5

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Maroon 5 / Via
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