16 Reasons The Early 2000s Were The Best Time Ever

Listen up, anyone born after 1994. Before Selena Gomez, One Direction, and Twerking Miley, there was a magical time filled with Ashlee Simpson, pre-breakup N*SYNC, and Snake-Dancing Britney. Sit back and relax as we put on our Sketchers and take a walk down memory lane to the Best Time Ever…

1. So, ten years ago today, this album came out:

2. And one of this album’s songs, Come Clean, was the title track of this treasured TV show:

3. Which was itself partly based off this seminal program:


4. Which chronicled the lives of the troubled teens of America’s upper class, many of whom chose to dress as tortured PuNk RoCk ChiCkS like this:

Don’t mess with these girls- nobody could ever understand the pain of being sixteen and having more money than a small Pacific island nation.

5. America’s teens were also influenced by the bubblegum pop stars of the time, who dressed bad enough to forever leave us with awful/amazing photos like this:

6. And this:

7. And this.

8. This was before Britney’s crazy phase when she shaved her head and started hanging out with the queen of the early 2000s, Lindsay Lohan:

9. Who starred in the legendary 2004 masterpiece known as Mean Girls:

10. And looked like this at the time:

Moment of silence.

11. And who also dated another beloved early-00s movie star, this dude:

RIP, Heath.

12. Whose death was rapped about in a song by Eminem, the biggest-selling musician of the era:

Am I the only one still mourning Kiminem?

13. Who once got caught lip-syncing at an awards show, just like Ashlee Simpson, whom we had to watch do the most awkward hoedown in history after getting caught in the act on SNL:

Still cringing at this.

14. Which was mentioned in Middle School Confidential, the first-ever book about all this early-2000s nostalgia, which is told partly in AIM convos and also heavily references Hilary Duff’s album:

Admit it: you had gel pens in every shade.

15. Which was so successful it paved the way for the latest in a long line of Disney-starlets-turned-popstars-turned-trainwrecks, Miley Cyrus, who already shaved her head and is probably weeks away from beating people with umbrellas after this:

16. And who sadly looked like this when Hilary Duff’s album was released ten years ago in the magical early 2000s:

God bless. I know she’s just being Miley, but can’t she go back to being this Miley?

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