10 Worst Infomercials Ever

Because we have all been thinking at one point or another “maybe that’s not that bad of an idea.” Let me refresh your memory of why we never buy from infomercials

1. The Hawaii Chair

Because you should get motion sickness while sitting at your desk

2. The Tiddy Bear

In case you want to be assaulted while driving

3. The Comfort Wipe

For when wiping your own ass has become a thing of the past

4. The Neck Toner

Choke yourself to a stronger chin

5. The MagneScribe Pen

So you can look like a crazy person

6. The Booty Pop

So your self-esteem can be whole again

7. The Wearable Towel

So you can smell like mold and look like human garbage

8. The Boyfriend Body Pillow

Use as directed or always since you will be alone forever if you buy this

9. The Potty Putter

Golf while going # 2- you’ll feel even more like a piece of sh*t

10. The BarkOff

For people who shouldn’t own animals in the first place

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