10 Announcements On Airplanes That You Hate

Whether your seat is only equipped with enough room for a person with no legs, or your plane is so old it might as well been built by the Wright Brothers- let’s be honest, flying the friendly skies isn’t so friendly anymore.

1. “Now we request your full attention as the flight attendants demonstrate the safety features of this aircraft”

2. Expectation:

3. Reality:

2. “Please turn off all electronic devices at this time.”

5. Expectation:

6. Reality:

3. “Please stow your carry-on luggage underneath the seat in front of you or in an overhead bin.”

8. Expectation:

9. Reality:

4. “If you would like a blanket you may purchase one for $5.”

11. Expectation:

12. Reality:

5. “There will be no food or beverage service on today’s flight.”

14. Expectation:

15. Reality:

6. “Ladies and gentlemen, the Captain has turned on the fasten seat belt sign. We are now crossing a zone of turbulence. Please return your seats and keep your seat belts fastened. Thank you.”

17. Expectation:

18. Reality:

7. “We remind you that this is a non-smoking flight. Smoking is prohibited on the entire aircraft, including the lavatories.”

20. Expectation:

21. Reality:

8. “We have a maintenance problem and will be holding on the plane for a couple of minutes.”

23. Expectation:

24. Reality:

9. “We do not have any upgrades available at this time.”

26. Expectation:

27. Reality:

10. “And in the event of a water landing your seat cushion may be used as a floatation device.”

29. Expectation:

30. Reality:

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