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21 Times You Knew Exactly What Your Dog Was Thinking

Our dogs can't tell us, but sometimes we know exactly what they're thinking!

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1. "Why does this couch keep getting smaller?"

2. "Are you my new toy?"

3. "By the way, did you know that I'M HERE?!!!"

4. "If I could roll my eyes, I would."

5. "This hairy floor feels nice."

6. "So I'm gonna take this bed, you take the couch."

7. "I'm definitely doing this right."

8. "This tastes like something, I swear it does."

Steve Piper / Via

9. "Haha! I'm laughing because you're laughing. What are we laughing at?"

10. "Almost there."

11. "Have you ever met me? I'm me. You should meet me!"

12. "Ahhhhhh, why can't I lick it?"

13. "No, I don't know why I won't move, but I WILL NOT MOVE!"

14. "You may proceed with my belly rub now."

15. "WAIT...ummmm, what? What are you doing?"

16. "See, I told you it was real. You didn't believe me. I got it."

17. "Treat, treat, I heard you say treat. You said treat, give me a treat. Treat! TREAT!!!!"

Nanathedog / Via

18. "Walk, walk, I heard you say walk. You said walk, lets go for a walk. Walk! WALK!!!!"

19. "Where did my humans go? Are they gonna come back? Please come back."

Brian Lee / Via

20. "Oh you came back, I was so worried. You're back! You're back!"

21. "I love my human. Forever."

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