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18 Of The Cutest Lazy Bulldogs

Because why move if you don't have to!

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1. This Bulldog, who loves going out as long as YOU do all the work, and he's comfy.

2. This Bulldog, who is determined to put the least amount of effort into playing with his in-shape friend.

3. This Bulldog puppy, who was so exhausted from eating that he fell asleep mid-meal.

4. This Bulldog, who has decided that exercise is overrated.

5. This Bulldog, who is surfing only because he wanted to sit instead of swim.

6. This Bulldog, who knows this gap is widening, but for now, he's comfortable.

7. This Bulldog, who is waiting for YOU to push HIM!

8. These two Bulldog puppies, who fell out of their bed and decided to sleep wherever they landed.

9. This Bulldog, who wore the same St. Patrick's Day outfit two years in a row.

10. This Bulldog, who just WON'T do stairs anymore!

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11. This Bulldog, who was too sleepy to finish the dishes.

12. This Bulldog, who is planning on watching the movie instead.

13. This Bulldog, who can't be bothered to pull his tongue back into his mouth.

14. This Bulldog, who found a cool place to sit and cleared his whole schedule.

15. This Bulldog, who will just let gravity do all the work.

16. This Bulldog, who has been binge-watching Friends on Netflix for the last seven hours.

17. This Bulldog, who always prefers to sled rather than walk.

18. And Finally, this Bulldog, who was going to take a shower before work, but then slept in for another 20 minutes.

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