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S. Orgel - LDR 2010

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Hello, my name is Selena. I am a Deaf studies major and I have wanted to learn how to becoming a better leader. This semester in Leadership fundamentals, has been a great one. When I first decided to take this class, I originally had done it because my adviser told me that it would a good class to take and it is pretty easy. When I got in the class on the first day our professor wanted us to write a paper about what we thought about leadership and what were somethings that influenced the way we saw leadership. Writing this paper, I had the basic idea of what leadership was, someone that listened, was strong, and had good ideas. Once we started to read the book and really think about what leadership was, we all saw that everyone’s idea of leadership is very different. We wanted to think that there was one way of being a really good leader but we realized that there are many ways of being a good leader. When we go into the second class our teacher asked us again why we were in this class. Many of our answers had changed. I know mine had for sure, mine went from just being in the class because it was recommended to I wanted to become a better leader. I wanted to make a change in the way that I lead at work, in my home life, and in my everyday life out in the world. Taking this class is made me realize that to be a good leader you need to have a very good understanding of others and yourself, you need to be aware of the cultures around you, and realize that there is more than one leadership style.


My three main values that I try to live by in my everyday life are: communication, loyalty, and trust. Each of these values are very important to me. I define communication as talking to someone about any problem, situation, or good thing that comes up in life. Being open and understanding are a big part of communication to me. If you are not open or understanding about the subject that is being communicated then you are not doing a good job at communicating. Defining loyalty is something that everyone looks at differently, to me loyalty is someone that is faithful, honest, respectful and always there for you when you them. Being loyal is something that is very dear to me. The last value that is very important is trust. Trust is the reliability, honesty, and open-mindedness of a person that is close to me. Trust is something that I try to give everyone when I first encounter them, they only lose that trust when they do something to lose it.

Cultural View


One take away that I have from this class is that there are different views on leader in every culture. One culture may look at it as only men can lead and women can not. Another culture may see it as there is only way to lead and that is by fear. Other cultures see that all people can be leaders in some way or another.

Leadership Styles


Everyone has different leadership styles. People can he charismatic leaders, when they are happy all the time and even in bad situations they are always happy. Sometimes that is a good thing and other times it can be a bad thing. No matter what your style is, you have to take every problem that comes your way and make the most of it. You have to embrace it and do your best.

Understanding Change


Change, who really wants to deal with it? No one. Change is something I feel that everyone struggles with no matter whether you are in a leadership position or not. In the book it said that there are people that are going to have an immunity to change, which means that there are going to be people, in any group, that are resistant to change no matter what. Whatever we do as leaders or not as leaders we have to try and make change a good thing or embrace change when it comes.

Positive Leadership


The book talked about trying to be as positive as you can be when it comes to being a leader. Yes, sometimes there are going to be problems that come up that will hard to deal with in a positive way but you have to remember that there are many people watching how you react and if they see you react badly, they may react badly as well. Try to be as positive about bad situations.

Relational Leadership Model


This model is something that stuck with us throughout the entire semester. This model helps you understand the process that leadership goes through. We understand that leadership is a process, through that process we have ethics that we need to stand by, we need to make sure that we include out followers in the process, we need to empower them in all the things that they are doing and we need to make sure that we have a purpose for doing what we are doing. If we have none of these things then this model does not work and we cannot be as good as a leader as we can be.


In conclusion, throughout this class I have learned that leaders come in all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds. There is no one way to be a good leader, you just have to take it as it comes and hope that you can show people that you are a good leader. In this course it had talked about positive leadership, cultural views on leadership, different leadership styles, understanding change, and the relational leadership model. I feel that with all of these subjects and having a better understanding of them, you can have some guideline to becoming a better leader. People can expect me to take change in a new light and see it as a good thing and be a more positive person through it all.

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