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9 Stages Of Your S.O. Leaving You For The Weekend

Your S.O. is leaving town and you feel a range of emotions starting with excitement, but quickly moving to abandonment. Let's go through it together.

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1. Stage 1: Preparation

You're both so excited about the potential fun you'll each have all weekend.

They're out of town doing their thing and you're at home doing WHATEVER. YOU. WANT. TO.

The possibilities are endless.

You can have the whole bed to yourself, watch whatever you want on Netflix, see your friends.

2. Stage 2: Sadness

The preparation phase was useless because now you just feel abandoned.

Maybe you shouldn't have made any plans because this is your reality.

Then you realize you have the bed to yourself.

And you realize things might not be so bad. This brief moment of joy is short-lived though.

3. Stage 3: Anger

Now you're just pissed.

Your S.O. hasn't responded to your texts in over an hour.

And you are feeling feisty.

4. Stage 4: Bargaining

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I'd do anyyyyyythiiiiing.

You force your S.O. to make promises they could never keep.

5. Stage 5: Depression

You've quickly moved from anger to something much worse.

You start saying ridiculously dramatic things.

And you feel like this.

6. Stage 6: Party Time

You've now realized if your S.O. is out having a good time, you should, too.

Tonight is your night.

7. Stage 7: Acceptance

It's getting close to your S.O.'s return home.

You make sure you clean up so they think you kept the place spotless when they were gone.

8. Stage 8: Excitement

Today's the day.

You just can't contain your excitement.

9. Stage 9: Return to Normalcy

Your S.O. has been back for less than an hour and things are already back to the way they usually are. Why did you miss them so much again?

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