21 Truths About The Job Hunt

The job hunt sucks, but we’ve all been there. Let’s crawl out of this pool of self-loathing together.

1. You have to act really enthusiastic and happy.

2. But you actually feel like this…

3. You’re eating habits have regressed back to your undergrad days.

Since you’re trying to be frugal, you go back to your college diet: Ramen noodles, Easy Mac, Hot Pockets. You know, the basics.

4. Or the opposite happens.

You start making all your meals at home. Thank you, Pinterest and The Food Network.

5. Saying “no” is not easy.

Sometimes, the job isn’t right for you. But it’s so hard to say no to anyone offering you ca$h money.

6. You act like you’re a hopeful optimist.

7. But the job hunt has made you an eternal pessimist.

That’s how you feel about everyone and everything.

8. You may be out of work, but your Netflix account is working overtime.

Binge watching TV shows should be an Olympic sport.

9. You’ve learned that negotiations are key.

Always ask for more.

10. You’ve been asking a lot from your support system.

Your mom, your dad, your sister, your brother, your S.O., your BFFL…anyone who will listen to you.

11. Break downs happen at least once a week.

And sometimes, it happens when you’re at an interview.

12. You’re terrified of settling for a job.

And hating your life.

13. Your to-do lists are getting quite ridiculous.

Of course, applying to jobs is in there somewhere. But you have more important things to do!

14. And sometimes, you think about how nice it would be to be someone who had all the answers.

15. Or the guy who solves his own problems.

Albeit rather violently…

16. Or the woman who gets shit done.

17. LinkedIn is your new best friend.

We all know you can’t get a job if you don’t know someone who knows someone.

18. You’re constantly thinking of ideas for new companies and projects you could start.

19. You have two dress codes: business and pajamas.

20. You’re so “happy” for your friends who actually find jobs.

That’s so fetch.

21. But really, you just wish someone would pay you to do that thing you spent the last 4-8 years learning to do.

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