14 Reasons Sara Bareilles Deserves To Win "Album Of The Year"

Fifth time's the charm, right? Sara B's "Blessed Unrest" has earned her a Grammy nomination for Album of the Year. Here are 14 reasons why Sara should take home that golden statue January 26.

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14. Her 2007 breakout single, "Love Song," was a fuck you to the music industry.

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Music executives kept asking her to write love songs, so she decided to do the exact opposite. Much to her surprise, people loved her tongue-in-cheek song and it instantly became a hit.

13. Then, she did it again.

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She's got balls. On her third album, "Kaleidoscope Heart" she wrote a second song telling the music industry off. "King of Anything" earned her a Grammy nod for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance, but she lost to Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance."

12. Some guy clearly messed her up, but she may win a Grammy because of it.

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So it might be worth it? Sara has some kind of superpower that allows her to write super sad songs in an upbeat way. There are a lot of songs on "The Blessed Unrest" that are really sad (i.e. "Manhattan"), but then she writes a pick-me-up like "Little Black Dress" that just makes you want to dance around your house.

10. Sara wrote "Brave" for her gay friend who was struggling with coming out.

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Little did she know it would start a movement. People are using it to fight cancer, stand up against bullies and express themselves.

9. And it has become this little boy's anthem.

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Four-year-old Joshua Chamber was diagnosed with leukemia last February, but is now in remission. Joshua contacted Sara and asked if he could come on stage with her. His dreams came true in December when Sara brought him up on stage. Their rendition of 'Brave' will melt your heart.

8. She swears like a sailor, but sings like an angel.

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In her interview on CBS's 'Sunday Morning', she said, "I swear like a sailor. I find great joy in being a little bit sassy and crass, and -- I don't know, going against the grain a little bit. I find a lot of joy in that."

7. She's making her dream come true.

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This is one of her old journal entries circa 1998. She vowed to "become famous to meet celebrities and go to parties and sing." And meet Leonardo Di Caprio, duh.

6. Her college buddy Adam Levine helped launch her career.


Sara and Adam met in undergrad at UCLA. In the early days of Sara's career, Adam invited her to open for his band Maroon 5. They often write parts of each other's songs into their lyrics (i.e. In "Love Song," Sara sings, "the breathing gets harder, even I know that," referring to Maroon 5's "Harder to Breathe." Levine references Sara's song "Fairytale" and "Love Song" in "Payphone," when he says, "All those fairytales are full of shit. One more stupid love song, I'll be sick."

1. Who doesn't love a good underdog story?

Sara Bareilles is not an A-list celebrity, but she totally deserves to be. Many were shocked that she was nominated for Album of the Year, but it's about time the Grammy's recognized someone for their raw talent, not just for the number of albums they sold.

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