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8 Stages Of Getting A New Phone

It's all very exciting and yet such a drag. It is always easier if you got a shiny new Samsung upgrade from your old one but what if you go from Windows to Android? You'll have no idea how to answer a call that's for sure.

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2. Unlocking the phone

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So you've charged it (and that took WAY too long for your excitement to cope with), you finally switched it on and now you have no idea how to unlock. Do I press a button? Do I swipe? Send help.

3. Transferring you contacts, photos and vids

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Phew... finally got in (only had to go an read the instructions manual). Here's when your real quest begins: the transfer of your data. Please tell me I don't have to do this manually?

4. Apps / Via

Why doesn't it come with the Facebook app? like seriously, who wouldn't want that? It will be such a pain to search the app store to find all the apps you use, let alone figuring out how to best place them on your new home screen.

5. The text chats of memories past

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Finally sending your first text will remind you that all your awesome text convos are lost and there's now no one on your chat list which means you have to search through your contact list.

7. Ring-tuneage

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Its always so much fun listening to ALL the ringtones and choosing the one you think best suits your personality but I can guarantee the first time someone calls you, you'll have no idea that it's your phone ringing.

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