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    18 Seriously Aesthetic Milkshakes You Can Slurp Down In Perth

    This is infinitely better than a bar crawl.

    1. This loaded shake for all the chocolate lovers, which has Oreos and Maltesers on top.

    2. This two-desserts-in-one shake with a whole doughnut on top, from Mop Donuts.

    3. This waffle-style shake with REAL strawberries inside.

    4. These Cherry Ripe and Tim Tam shakes, for when the chocolate bar isn't enough.

    5. This caramel shake that isn't just any old shake — it's gourmet.

    6. This marvellous monstrosity that packs an extra sugary punch, with a bonus cronut on top.

    7. This shake that proves bigger is better — especially when that comes in the form of a whole waffle basket on top.

    8. This classic Kit Kat milkshake (with a hell of a lot of whipped cream).

    9. The ultimate morsel for 'nana lovers — this banana caramel milkshake!

    10. This salted caramel milkshake for those that know this flavour combo can't be beat.

    11. This incredible chocolate, honeycomb milkshake that might just be the best you'll ever have.

    12. This sweet apple pie milkshake.

    13. This USA-inspired Reese's Peanut Buttercup shake.

    14. This admittedly OTT, but must-try Nutella thickshake.

    15. These retro milkshakes that look straight out of a scene from Grease.

    16. This jaw-dropping raspberry cheesecake delight!

    17. This rainbow milkshake that's so bright, it's probably best to drink with sunnies on.

    18. And finally, this chocolate spearmint milkshake, so that you can proudly say you had a little bit of greens.

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