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    • sophiem22

      I would like to extend my thanks to the late Nye Bevin and all those ambitious people who founded the NHS. The principle was that “the health service will be available to all and financed entirely from taxation, which people pay into it according to their means.” It saved the life of my father. My elderly grandmother and mother-in-law are able to enjoy their lives at home because of the band of NHS care workers who visit. That our current Conservative (right-wing) government is selling it off in small packages is a disgrace. The result - one example is the elderly, bed-bound London woman who died of thirst after nine days. The private company who had been sold the former NHS home visit service had been closed by the police. Regardless of what America think of Care, or what they do. We in Britain must fight the fragmentation of our National Health Service because we are unlikely to find prescient men to ‘build us a path from cradle to grave’ ever again.

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