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The De Throning Of The Nicotine Queen

My reasons, and why cutting down was bullshit

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Don’t Do Durries:

If you’ve ever taken a drag from someone else’s soggy cigarette, tried to buy ciggies with foreign money or viciously chewed breath mints while trying to become an entrepreneur in record timing, because you don’t have the twenty dollars you need in most western countries to buy cigarettes.

Can I just say to start off by telling you what I think?

Firstly, I think you’re actually better than that.

Secondly, I think you know about getting sick and, in fact you are paying quite literally for it through tax.

An average box of twenty cigarettes without tax is valued at around four to seven dollars you are literally paying a portion of somebody else’s hospitalisation every time you buy durries, because you are paying at least (or almost) twenty dollars every time. That builds up, and fills gurneys and beds thanks to the smoking community.

With pictures adorning every packet you ever buy in Australia, I think your completely aware of the idea that smoking leads to getting sick.

In fact there’s only one thing I don’t think you realise.

Do you realise that being sick is actually a slow process?

It’s not instant. It’s cripplingly slow, it’s being bed ridden and watching the world run. It’s shitting your bed and not being able to speak. It’s wheezing through tar filled lungs for months on end in agony. It’s loosing all your hair and your job. It’s watching everyone pity you, and still aching for a cigarette.

But, as I stated before I think you know that.

Only I didn’t.

I was depressed when I began to smoke.

I hated it at first, as a fourteen year old it burnt my mouth I didn’t know how to inhale it hurt. I taught myself over and over again. I always imagined the resolution of smoking instant. It’s the opposite.

You don’t get to just not wake up one day.

You live with the wheezing lungs you gave yourself, you live with the damage you’ve done for ages, even possibly years.

This is one of the big reasons I quit.

I’m not writing this to insult your intelligence my friend. This article isn’t really about calling you out; I’m just rehashing common knowledge. What this article is about is values, and how I personally happily stopped.

Even though I just stated I’m just rehashing common knowledge.

I want you to know,

I don’t think you’re an idiot. One of the most common social demographics of smokers is people high up in the business world, people who are CEOS.

Those people aren’t idiots and neither are you. You don’t smoke because you’re an idiot; I’ve always found I’ve had a decent hatred for that Australian slogan “Smokers Are Jokers.”

I think it is demeaning and unhelpful, no one really responds well to negative stereotyping.

Even at a classroom level, when I was a kid,

I was treated like I was slow for a few years as I have ADHD and I never improved or learnt much. The first moment of light a teacher showed me I had something to offer, I Improved. Self-belief and positivity surrounding you, is fundamental.

You dear readers have something to offer, you are more than smokers, and you are unique and blooming individuals.

I didn’t manage to quit until my own voice was positive and the voices around me were supportive. I know I’m probably not a strong enough force to be that supportive voice for you in your life, but fuck it.

I think your worth more than smoking.

Being positive about quitting and having my reason was my two of my fundamental stages towards quitting.

My third stage was, a big realisation.

Personally cutting down on my smoking was bullshit. The more I cut down the more I valued and created the illusion of enjoying my cigarettes. I didn’t enjoy them. Like a drug addict I just enjoyed relieving withdrawal pangs. The best cigarettes I ever smoked were the ones I had when I only smoked two a day.

Cold turkey for me was the only option. Withdrawal symptoms are scientifically and biologically extremely mild from the addictive nicotine and they’re gone after three weeks forever.

The real problem with withdrawal symptoms isn’t physical it is mental value, Cigarettes aren’t Gold, and they are shit stop putting them on altars in your mind.

Don’t bother with bullshit cutting down just quit. Unless it works for you then that’s super radical too.

Anyway there you have it an article on why I don’t smoke anymore.

Peace out- From your writer friend Sophie.

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