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    10 Notorious R.B.G. Quotes To Make You Swoon

    The sassy and wise sayings that made Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg into an internet superstar.

    1. She speaks the truth about big money in politics.

    Stamp Stampede / Via

    Asked if she would overrule any Supreme Court decisions, she cites the Citizens United case.

    2. How she deals with the Stupids.

    juxta/con•vâri, Incorporated / Via Flickr: juxtaconvari

    3. She uses common sense to explain bad policy.

    Demos / Via

    4. Regarding marriage equality, she thinks love is love.

    5. On her friendship with Justice Scalia--make of this what you will...


    "What I like about him is that he’s very funny and very smart...[Points to the photograph.] That one shows the two of us in 1994 when we were on a delegation to India. So there we are on a very elegant elephant. My feminist friends say, 'Why are you riding on the back of the elephant? and I said, 'Because of the distribution of weight, we needed to have Scalia in the front.'" -R.B.G. in Elle Magazine

    6. She is a champion of women’s rights.


    7. Her advice on having it all.

    Sophie Kokoris

    8. That other career she could have had...

    Sophie Kokoris

    9. What the Supreme Court should look like [in her humble opinion].

    10. What she thinks of her Tumblr notoriety.


    The Notorious R.B.G. Tumblr.