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22 Christingles That Are Doing It Wrong

Failing to light up a church near you.

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One of the highlights of a church-going kid's Christmas is the Christingle service

For many it's the ultimate in atmospheric snack-based worship

There are four simple symbolic components of a Christingle

Candle: Jesus, light of the world

Orange: The world

Red ribbon: Blood of Jesus

Four cocktail sticks with fruit: The four seasons and fruits of the earth

1. So how hard can it be to nail it?

2. There are those who don't have quite the right tools for the job

3. While some are just unsure of what it is they're trying to achieve

5. There's always one frustrated artist

6. Necessity can be the mother of invention

7. Run out of cocktail sticks? Use a lollipop

8. Or shards of plastic

And impale your 'fruits'

9. Though beware: too many cocktail sticks and you'll end up with a Sputnik tribute

10. Health and safety can eclipse the true meaning of Christingle

Jesus, glowstick of the world

12. Precaution sometimes takes precedent over aesthetics


Tin foil: symbolising how Jesus protected us from hot wax



Hold up, mum needs some of that for the Christmas turkey

15. Some confuse 'fruits of the earth' with 'marshmallows around the campfire'

18. As are households where the fruit bowl is a sad, neglected affair

20. But saddest of all are the poor sweets don't even survive the journey to church

Never would have happened with fruit...

21. So this Christmas, spare a thought for those less fortunate

22. God bless them, every one
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