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An Analysis Into Every Single Suspicious Glance In The Final 5 Minutes Of Game Of Thrones' Purple Wedding

Hello. If you've clicked this, you have shown no mercy. Joffrey is DEAD. Sorry spoiler. For those who haven't read the books - we now have the joy of our first proper murder mystery. (As let's face it, none of the other deaths have exactly been subtle) As such, we should only celebrate with an intense look at the last final 5 minutes and speculate whodunnit. So many suspicious glances...

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So Charles Dance has quite a naturally untrustworthy facial structure - but this is a particularly murderous glance we're sure we all agree.

Tywin also had a lot of incentive for killing his odious grandson, with the Lannisters finally in control of the Iron Throne: just the worst one of the bunch sitting on it. He does look like he is enjoying that cake quite a lot in Joffrey's final moments... Cake of victory?!

Then look at Margaery...

Married to a king! YAY! But also married to an oleaginous boy scout. Oh. After playing the Princess Diana card through the entire of the courting, we wouldn't be surprised if Margaery and her nan concocted a little early wedding gift.

Then look at the shared exchange between Tyrion and long-suffering Sansa when he delivers the fatal vino.

SUCH SUSPICION. Could three series worth of crying and looking out of windows finally tipped the recently bereaved Stark over the edge?

Mr Sex

We know Mr. Sex (Oberyn Martell) has bad blood with the Lannisters. And he's only just arrived... In the final moments of Joffrey's death, he was nowhere to be seen. Was he busy being sexy, or busy poisoning wine of vengeance?

Sigur Rós?!

Our favourite Icelandic post-rockers and BBC1 ident musicians turned up to celebrate Joffrey's nuptials too, before being pelted off stage by him. Sigur Ros have been making lovely atmospheric music for years now. Perhaps this has all been a dirty ruse.

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