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You Can Hire Dave Benson Phillips To Help You Move House

The former Get Your Own Back presenter has a pretty interesting career.

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2. He can also do Get Your Own back for your birthday party.

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His site says you need between 100 and 1,000 people, so you can actually get him to do Get Your Own Back for your next birthday if you have a lot of friends. Awesome.

He's also doing Get Your Own Back live at the Edinburgh Fringe this year, if you happen to be in town.

The print for Get Your Own Back: Live has just arrived in our office! Less than 2 weeks to go #edfringe


6. He can make you an instructional safety video.

Ryan McLaughlin / Via

According to his Wikipedia page he made the Bourne Leisure Health & Safety Film. Interesting. He has also done a video about bible stories.

7. Or do a gig for you.

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8. Dave is also willing to do shows in exchange for things.


He'll do Get Your Own Back if you give him a marquee. If you send him three juggling balls he promises to send you a signed picture of himself.


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